Leadership Training and Development

Charles A. Archer creates organizational shifts with Board of Directors, Executive Leadership and other Management with an emphasis on communication, culture and collaboration. It is particularly in this area that he uses concepts from his book Everybody Paddles to build consensus and get everybody working towards a common goal.

Conflict Resolution

Charles A. Archer assists businesses with, helping them identify areas and sources of friction as well as ways to resolve a conflicts with a special emphasis on the importance of  communications. As a proven public speaker, he has addressed the business community on topics such as team building, empowerment, and employee commitment and engagement.


Charles A. Archer is available to provide coaching, bringing over 20 years of experience to issues of employee, management, executive and organizational development. His particular strength is in identifying common interests that facilitate the pursuit of unified goals.

Policy Development

Charles A. Archer consults with businesses on: the relationships between an effective board, strong management, and the decision-making necessary for an effective strategic business plan. In addition, he develops policy and procedure manuals for employees, programs and departments; as well as advising on employee transitions with an emphasis on prudent succession planning.


Charles A. Archer supports Executive Leadership profile, assess, build trust and action plan concerning business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  Within the 72-hour strategic thinking and planning process, businesses begin to effective confront industry changes; employee roles and responsibilities; governance and compliance; and business forecasting.  Create camaraderie, consensus and collaboration with the 72-Hour Turnaround.